Urban forests as nature-based solutions

As part of the Horizon2020 research project CLEARING HOUSE, I was responsible for the implementation of an interactive dashboard to visualize and make accessible findings of a literature review on trees and the urban forest as nature-based solution. The dashboard allows filtering and visualization of data by geographical region and other contextual criteria, including societal challenges, desired effects etc. It has been implemented in Shiny/R.

What's it good for?

Findings of the research project is made accessible to interested parties. The interactive visualizations allow a differentiated access to and analysis of data under specific research perspectives or regarding specific questions. This shall support further research, but also support, e.g., urban planning or climate change adaptation action.

The greater context?

Urban forests deliver manifold functions, so-called ecosystem services, e.g., for human health (air purification) and well-being (psychological restorative potential), urban climate (cooling, shading), and biodiversity.