NGC 7000

Image from 05/30/2021, end of observation approximately at 23:56 (local time). 175 individual images recorded, with an exposure time of 10 seconds each. Total exposure time of 29.2 minutes. Observation conditions about Bortle class 5. Raw images (FITS) manually processed with Siril, editing with Affinity Photo/DxO.

Astronomical Times for Wuppertal (51, 7)
Starting 30 May 2021, +1 day
DateMorningSunriseSunsetEveningMoonriseMoonsetMoon Phase
30 May 202103:5205:2221:3623:0601:2009:07day 19 of Moon

The following slider compares the manually post-processed image with the internally processed one. The latter looks much more impressive on a smartphone, but lackluster on PC. Manually processing the raw images shows more of Stellina’s potential.