Date, approximate end of exposure

Approximate object coordinates

Images (total exposure time)

Editing remarks

Bortle class

March 07, 2021, ca. 21:35 CET

Az. 23°, Alt. 70°

159 images (1590s)

Manually stacked and edited (FITS)


Astronomical Times for Berlin (52, 13)
Starting 07 Mar 2021, +1 day
DateMorningSunriseSunsetEveningMoonriseMoonsetMoon Phase
07 Mar 202105:0706:3717:5919:2903:3410:58day 23 of Moon

Approximate extent convered by Stellina’s sensor is shown in the map. In addition, below, a comparison is provided of the manually stacked and edited raw images (FITS) with the obtained, internally processed JPG image.

M81 (159 exp, 10.5°, 50% rh) Histogramm-Übertragungen. (Mitte=0.305, lo=0.000, hi=1.000)
Histogramm-Übertragungen. (Mitte=0.345, lo=0.000, hi=1.000)
Histogramm-Übertragungen. (Mitte=0.332, lo=0.024, hi=1.000)
Histogramm-Übertragungen. (Mitte=0.387, lo=0.011, hi=1.000)
Histogramm-Übertragungen. (Mitte=0.392, lo=0.008, hi=1.000)
Histogramm-Übertragungen. (Mitte=0.395, lo=0.000, hi=1.000)
Beschneiden (x=16, y=8, w=3032, h=2011)
SCNR (Typ=0, Menge=1.00, keine Änderung=true)
Histogramm-Übertragungen. (Mitte=0.295, lo=0.224, hi=1.000)