I am a post-doc in geography with a heavy focus on nature based solutions for climate change adaptation particularly in urban areas, climate change impact assessment, multi-criteria risk assessment, natural hazard research, flooding in particular, and quantitative and semi-qualitative analysis of global patterns and processes of urbanization.

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Integrative assessment of climate change for fast-growing urban areas: Measurement and recommendations for future research

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On the Nexus of the Spatial Dynamics of Global Urbanization and the Age of the City

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Combining tacit knowledge elicitation with the SilverKnETs tool and random forests – The example of residential housing choices in Leipzig

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Towards a flood risk assessment ontology – Knowledge integration into a multi-criteria risk assessment approach

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Exploring multicriteria flood vulnerability by integrating economic, social and ecological dimensions of flood risk and coping capacity: from a starting point view towards an end point view of vulnerability

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Photography is my hobby. Cities and urban areas, architecture, landscape, the night and the starry sky and nature in general are my favourite subjects.


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