Data Science and PPGIS. Nature-based Solutions. Self-Taught Developer and Photographer.

— Sebastian Scheuer

I am a PostDoc in Geography and my areas of expertise include urban forests as nature-based solutions for climate change impact adaptation and human health. Other areas of focus include natural hazards, risk, and urban development.

My methodological focus is on modeling, including system dynamics and GIS-based modeling, as well as on data analysis and data visualization (Data Science), machine learning, and the implementation of public participatory geographic information systems (PPGIS).

Photos and Astronomy.

Comet C2022E3 ZTF

Vaonis Stellina is a refractor with an aperture of 80mm and a focal length of 400mm on an azimuthal GoTo mount. After powering up the instrument, Stellina aligns itself fully automatically. Focusing is also automatic; the Stellina does not have a classic optical eyepiece. Selection of an object for observation and exposure control are done entirely via app using WiFi, which Stellina opening a respective WiFi hotspot.

Sea Eagle

Photography is one of my key interests. My favourite motives include landscapes and nature in general, the starry night sky, but also urban spaces with their diverse architecture.

Spomenik revolucije naroda Moslavine